CloudTalk is an all-in-one, cloud-based phone system for business. It brings your entire phone system together in simple, powerful desktop & mobile apps which allow you to work anywhere you like, without the downsides or complexity of traditional telephony. With a huge range of numbers available you can create a local presence from any area of the UK, or port in your existing numbers free of charge.


The freedom and flexibility that CloudTalk offers makes it easier for you to be more productive wherever and whenever you like. Users can seamlessly switch between desktop and mobile apps, as well as their UK 01, 02, 03 and 07 numbers, so they remain available, regardless of where they’re working.

Plus, if you need to manage your calls and call settings, you can do so from within the apps. With high audio quality and an intuitive interface, CloudTalk makes business on the move easier than ever before.


CloudTalk is cloud-based, built and hosted right here in the UK. The
use of modern technologies mean high call quality via the desktop and
mobile apps, whilst great attention to design ensures that CloudTalk is
easy to use no matter how technically literate you are.

CloudTalk uses powerful desktop & mobile apps along with your
internet/ data connection to run your phone system from anywhere.
Whether making & receiving calls, responding to changing business
priorities or listening back to recordings, you can do it instantly, wherever
you are.

Nobody needs a phone system that takes ages to set up and manage.
The chances are you’re already using other SaaS-based tools for email,
accounting, CRM and recognise the productivity and simplicity benefits
that they give you. So why not with your phone system too?

With no legacy or line-based hardware required, you’ll find that your
productivity is boosted and cost-base reduced by allowing your
co-workers to access CloudTalk using their own devices.


Say goodbye to traditional desk phones, switches and lines. CloudTalk works on your existing computer system and mobile. We have also partnered with Jabra to offer customers a supported range of flexible headsets and speakers if required.

CloudTalk’s technology allows instant set-up of users & phone numbers. With a huge range of UK 01, 02, 03 numbers and 07 mobile numbers, any additions or amendments you make are instantly live. Set up takes a matter of minutes, with no hardware to install on site.

Powerful desktop and mobile applications allow real-time management of your phone system settings such as operating hours, voicemail, notifications, IVR, call routing and operating hours. Any changes you make are instantly live.

The powerful, flexible phone system for forward-thinking business.


Unlimited Plan

No contract, no set-up fees

£18/monthly per user
  • Includes 1 UK Number
  • Unlimited inbound calls
  • Unlimited outbound calls
  • International calls From 3p / min

Headsets and speakers available on request

CloudTalk has partnered with Jabra to provide a full range of headsets, handsets and speakers to integrate perfectly with the cloud-based app. As one of the UK’s best providers for professional headsets, Jabra’s products range from noise-cancelling headsets to block out unwanted background sound to high definition headsets for crystal-clear clarity. All hardware is entirely optional, designed to enhance your CloudTalk experience.

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